Meet Detamara – #52 of 90 Real People. Real Lives. #FASD


Hey – lil’brother – let’s run today for Becca – let’s run because it’s her birthday – let’s run because we are all family and together we are better than alone – together we can make a difference. Come on Mackie – Let’s go!

MEET DETAMARA – She has accepted her FASD challenges and helping us understand more about FASD. No longer angry and frustrated this is amazing 23 year old.  She loves the quiet, simple, calm and can tell us what she needs. She says she has young people’s Alzheimers and she won’t get Alzheimers when she gets older as she already can’t remember.  The only area of her memory that was intact was facial memory.

MY STORY –  Detamara was born with prenatal drug and alcohol exposures and was taken into foster care at two months of age with one of her siblings who both were starving.  The rest…

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