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Memory Game

Registration deadline extended to November 30, 2016

The Memory Game is child-friendly memory test that presents you with picture pairs and then tests your memory of those pairs with a multiple-choice style question.

After playing the game once, come back again 24 hours later to play again and see how yourmemory holds up! After playing The Memory Game the second time, we will be able to send you a short summary of your results! When you come back to play again, make sure to use the same participant code that you received from the first time you played the game (When you got an email from the online consent)!

Memory Study in Children and youth The goal of this project is to investigate possible memory difficulties experienced by children with neurodevelopmental conditions. Memory is central to many aspects of everyday activities and we hope to use this project to develop useful tools that help us improvememory skills.

We are very excited to have you play! But first, please read the following information:

  1. Who can play?: Anyone can play the game – sisters, brothers, and parents too! But, please do not play the game together. Try to play the game one-by-one without watching each other – this way, the picture pairs are a surprise for everyone! If your child requires assistance operating the game, feel free to do so! However, please do not demonstrate the game in front of them otherwise the pairs will not be a surprise!
  2.  What devices can I play on?: This game is optimized for a touch screen tablet. Please do not play on a touch screen phone (e.g. iPhone) as the game will be too small! If you do not have a tablet to play the game on, please contact Dr. Francois Bolduc and his research team at to be accommodated.
  3. When can I do this?: The Memory Game will be active from August 8, 2016 to September 8, 2016.


Ready to play? Click here!:

DisclaimerThis is not a diagnostic test. Please consult your physician if you have any question about your child’s health.

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