2nd Annual ‘Will You Take The Challenge FASD Day 2017’

FASD Tshirt 2017 large

In celebration that every brain is different, we are challenging our Members, Stakeholders, and Community to plan their own FASD Day events, big or small, that help to inform people about FASD and its prevention and assist in promoting understanding, compassion, and knowledge.

So what are the rules? Very simple, as an individual or team, plan an event the week of September 4th – September 9th, 2017. It could be a ‘Lunch And Learn’, a coffee meet-up, distributing information packages to friends, family members, colleagues… The sky is only limited by your creativity!

The rules:

  • Plan, host, participate in an event big or small that brings awareness to FASD.
  • Take pictures during your event! Please ensure appropriate permissions are received as pictures will be posted on numerous social media platforms.
  • Write up a short paragraph about what you did, who helped you, who you talked to, and any other interesting information.
  • Email your pictures and write-up to the Network Coordinator Lisa.Rogozinsky@cssalberta.ca (Please send no later than the evening of September 10th, 2017).

Did we forget to mention there are prizes? Yes, we are challenging you and it is a competition, so let the most creative, innovative individual or team win!

If you would like materials to hand out during your event please email Lisa Rogozinsky or if you are looking for more information on core FASD prevention messages please visit: www.preventionconversation.org


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