Innovations Conference: Conference on Developmental Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Welcome to Alberta’s first Innovations in Practice conference!

As a health professional, a family member or a community based service provider supporting individuals with a dual diagnosis (developmental disability and a mental health concern), come join Edmonton’s specialty developmental psychiatrists and the Complex Needs Initiative community support team members at this exciting conference which will:

  • Present best practices in serving individuals with a dual diagnosis involved in multiple systems such as mental health, specialty healthcare, human services, and community based services
  • Continue to advance the Alberta cross-ministry Complex Needs Initiative with improved partnerships, continued development and progression of relevant education
  • Build momentum in Alberta for the joint delivery of healthcare and service systems
  • Make lives better across our province for individuals with developmental disabilities with the use of innovative and useful practices

Sharing successes and bringing together other jurisdictions doing similar work is what you will find at this two-day conference. Innovations in Practice…more than a catchy title! Join us to find out what is informing practices across Alberta but also learn how other jurisdictions are finding success.

Participants may include • allied health professionals, • mental health clinicians, • psychiatrists, physicians, • disability service providers, • front-line staff members, • community care providers, • students of any discipline, • families and other supports, • educators / teachers.

Click to download conference poster: Innovations Conference poster_v7

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