Opposites REALLY Do Attract -FASD Success Stories- 1st Story (Second Round)

We all need a lifter-upper every now and then and FASD success story is sure a lifter-upper.

Here is Heidi’s story as retrieved from: http://fasdforever.com/feedback/success-stories/

imagejpeg_2_3I met my husband over 10 years ago and while being with him I always felt there was something not right, I’m not sure how to describe it. We went through a lot from deceit and lies and when it would happen, it seemed to happen over and over again and he would seem like it didn’t even matter. About 2 years ago my mother in law shared that she had drank heavily to the point of passing out every day while carrying my husband. Now, my husband has no features as someone with FAS so as I have been told it is VERY difficult to diagnosis someone with this disorder. So, my journey as well as my husbands was to find out more about FAS. After looking into it myself, which is pretty much the only way that there is, as there isn’t much at the doctors that can help anyone with this disorder. Again, the best advice they could give us is to search the websites. You see, I have Asperger Disorder/High Functioning Autism. Anyone with this disorder wants to do everything right, but don’t like lying or anything bad. With me being this way, it is a perfect world for someone for FAS, but made it a rocky ride for the 10 years, but today I am seeing it as a good thing I came into my husbands life because again, the type of person that is routin-esh and stable is someone that someone with FAS needs. I am not a big reader on books, but when I came across Jeff Noble’s Facebook he decided to send me a book. I read the book in one sitting and felt so much better and said to myself what a wonderful thing I have done for my husband who is very successful in all he does today because of my love and support – he may have never achieved if I didn’t stay in his life. He has achieved13 years in the United States Marines and when he got out he got a Civilian Police Officer job on a United States Marine Base now going on 5 years and getting ready to promote as a Sergeant – thanks to support from 3 Lieutenant referral letters. He also has an auto business, working on vehicles when he doesn’t work as a police officer, that is very successful – which is one of the gifts that anyone that has FAS. He has been doing this since the beginning of the year. He also does more without reminders which I feel are because of routine. He wrote himself notes on the refrigerator to remind him to help, to never look back…not that it might not happen, but knowing what I know now, helps more then if I didn’t. I am SO proud of my husband’s accomplishments. Yes, each day you never know what will happen as you just try to love and support and I feel positive reinforcement is always good and know that they can’t help what they have done. I feel this makes it so much easier than if I would have never known and we probably would never be together today if I didn’t know as much as I do. With him, I feel true love that I have never felt with past relationships I have had – this says a whole lot.

South Carolina, USA

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