Tuesday’s Tips: What We See, What We Think, What’s Really Going On!

tuesdays tips 2

What We See: Noncompliance (Not obeying rules).

What We Think: Doing it purposely, attention seeking, stubborn.

What’s REALLY Going On: Difficulty translating verbal directions into action, does not understand.

What We See: Not sitting still.

What We Think: Seeking attention, bothering others, doing it on purpose.

What’s REALLY Going On: Neurologically based need to move while learning, sensory overload.

What We See: Poor social judgement.

What We Think: Poor parenting, deviancy, doing it on purpose.

What’s REALLY Going On: Not able to interpret social cues from peers, does not know what to do in social settings.

What We See: Repeatedly making the same mistakes.

What We Think: Doing it on purpose, manipulative.

What’s REALLY Going On: Cannot link cause and effect, cannot see similarities, difficulty generalizing from one event to another.

Remember, it’s about trying differently not harder. If something does not work, try something else!

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