Program Highlight: CASA, FASTRACS

CASA’s Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Treatment, Resources, and Community Supports Program (FASTRACS) provides FASD education to parents and caregivers of children with a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), as well as co-occurring mental health concerns. The team is comprised of an Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy Assistant, and FASD educator/parent. Our Occupational Therapy Assistant will screen the FASTRACS referrals as they come to CASA. Childcare will not be provided.

The program builds on strengths of the parents/caregivers to meet the needs of their challenging child(ren) through practical skills development.

We do not provide diagnoses of FASD, however we will provide the family with information on resources for assessment.

Program Approach

FASTRACS is a short term resource that focuses on FASD parenting skills training, FASD education, caregiver peer support, and information on community resources to families.

The program includes:

  • Six weeks of FASD parenting skills training comprised of:
  • FASD education
  • Daily routines, structure, and prevention
  • Praise and differential attention
  • Effective communication and sensitive discipline
  • Topics tailored to each specific group that may include: sleep, medications, technology, school relationships, system navigation and/or other topics requested by the group
  • Parenting/resource manual and certificate of completion

Who It’s For

  • Parents/caregivers of children from ages 3 to 12 who are suspected to have or have been diagnosed with FASD.
  • Families living in Edmonton and surrounding communities, with access to transportation to CASA Centre.
  • Families with the ability to actively participate in a group setting and be committed to attending all six sessions.

Safety Concerns 

Parents/caregivers are responsible for notifying group facilitators of any medical concerns that may impact their ability to participate in the group. 

Parents/caregivers can directly refer by downloading and filling out the FASTRACS referral form on and faxing it to CASA Intake at 780-435-6261. If there are any referral questions they can call CASA at 780-400-2271 and ask for FASTRACS.

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