Research Participants Needed: Mental Health and Brain Alterations in Children with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Click here to download the research postcard! This study will investigate the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure and postnatal adversity on children’s brain structure, physical

Brains: Journey to Resilience

In a world where human brains inch across snowy landscapes, where perils lurk in every shadow, one community will rally behind a struggling brain—and just

Metis Nation of Alberta, Community Health Night: Brain Basics

Priya Nath of the Brain Care Centre will present on: basic information regarding brain injury, Brain Care Centre services and referral process, and strategies for

Brain 101

The Brain The brain is the body’s control centre. It’s made up of billions of nerve cells called neurons. The neurons are arranged in patterns

Minding the Brain Podcast: Episode 14- Alcohol and the Developing Brain

“Minding the Brain” is a podcast series on cognitive and brain science, hosted by Kim Hellemans, Chair of the Department of Neuroscience, and Jim Davies, professor

The Brain as Organizing Principle

It’s a list—punctuated, it’s worth noting, with the word “disorder”— that will be familiar to parents and caregivers of children struggling with difficult-to-diagnose neurobehavioral challenges:

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