Inclusion Alberta: Recommendations for the PDD review

59caae21995b5InclusionAB_vert_rgbInclusion Alberta has drafted a document to assist Albertans in their participation and contribution to the government’s PDD Program Review. As per previous communications, we would like to remind everyone that you can participate directly by attending community conversations in your part of the province, completing the online survey, and/or submitting your ideas in writing, via video or other media.

Information on how to participate and when and where community conversations are occurring can be found at the Government of Alberta’s web page for the review. We think it particularly important that parents of young children with developmental disabilities participate as this Review provides an opportunity to influence the shape of supports and services you will likely require in the near future for your son or daughter to have a meaningful and inclusive life.

We understand the issues and recommendations in our document do not cover the full breadth of experiences or concerns individuals with developmental disabilities and their families have relative to PDD. You should raise those issues and recommendations that are important to you, including those that arise from personal and direct experiences with PDD.

The term “PDD Community” used in this document refers to individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, those who provide supports and services and community allies.

The 10 issues and their recommendations are related to:

  • The Need for an Overarching Vision and Future Plan
  • PDD Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC)
  • Eligibility
  • Indigenous Albertans with Developmental Disabilities
  • Family Managed Supports (FMS) Resource Centres
  • A Trained and Certified Workforce
  • Inclusive Employment
  • Inclusive Post-secondary Education
  • Complex Needs
  • PDD Program Disparities

At the end of the document is a list of all the Recommendations.

You can download the document by clicking on this link: PDD suggested issues and recommendations


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