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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a condition that has lifelong impacts on individuals, their families, caregivers and the wider community. FASD is only one part of a person’s identity.

People with FASD have the same hopes and fears as others. They have families who love them and friends they cherish. They have strengths and difficulties as we all do. Just like other people with or without a disability, they enjoy a variety of activities and can make a valuable contribution to their community.

The language we use has a powerful impact on the way people with FASD are perceived and are treated. This guide is intended to suggest language that can be used in conversations, presentations and reports about FASD in Australia. The use of such language is intended to enhance respectful engagement with people with FASD and their families to reduce the negativity and stigma often associated with FASD.

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Click here to download the Language Guide.

Adapted from the Language Guide: Promoting dignity for those impacted by FASD produced by Canada Northwest FASD Partnership as part of the Looking After Each Other: A Dignity Promotion Project.

Thanks to the members of the NHMRC FASD Research Australia Centre of Research Excellence Community Reference Group, the FASD Hub Australia Subject Matter Editorial Panel, and FASD Hub Advisory Group who were involved in the development of this Language Guide:

Professor Carol Bower, Dr Lucy Burns, Magistrate Catherine Crawford, Heather D’Antoine, Professor Elizabeth Elliott, Louise Gray, Dr Tracey Harbour, Professor Jane Halliday, Heather Jones, Sue Miers, Evi Muggli, Narelle Mullan, Amanda Mulligan, Natalie Kippin, Gay Pritchard, Elizabeth [Anne] Russell, Neil Reynolds, Paula Sargent, Dr Doug Shelton, Dr Vanessa Spiller and Annalee Stearne.

This guide is available on the FASD Hub Australia website https://www.fasdhub.org.au/ Published February 2019

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