Explaining COVID-19 from the FASD Network in Saskatchewan

Due to many of the struggles experienced by individuals with FASD (such as trouble with abstract thinking, communication problems, memory deficits, problems generalizing, etc.), it may be difficult for them to understand the severity of what is currently happening in their community.

Many services providers and organizations are working on resources that can help individuals with diverse abilities understand COVID-19 and the precautions they must take to remain safe.

Here are some of the resources that have been developed:

Plain Language for COVID-19

Visual illustrations of hygiene precautions

My plan for being safe and staying in

Look after your mental health during Coronavirus

Social Story about COVID-19

These resources won’t be appropriate for everyone’s developmental levels so try to find a way to explain that suits their abilities.

Some tips to help:

  • Try to describe it in a way that fits their communication abilities
  • Use plain language and simple terms
  • Try finding videos and pictures to help make the ideas more tangible
  • Visual reminders around the house can help


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