CanFASD Research Network’s Strategic Priorities 2020 – 2023

Click here to download the CanFASD Strategic Plan.

Purpose of the Strategic Plan

CanFASD has been developed and operates under an overall organization purpose and mandate. The CanFASD board has articulated the vision that will result from the work undertaken by the organization and a mission that describes how CanFASD as a whole will go about the business of achieving the vision.

The Strategic Priorities Plan (SPP) works within the organization vision, mission and mandate areas and provides direction from the Board of Directors as to the areas of priority, within a defined period of time, which will help to focus strategies and resources toward achieving the organizations goals. These priorities do not replace or supersede the ongoing operational work but rather identify those things that, in the view of the Board of Directors, are significant current priorities where focus and effort is needed to achieve results that most effectively contribute to reaching the overall organization goals and vision.

The SPP works to ensure alignment of strategies, resources and activities with the current priority issues and opportunities currently facing the organization. The Plan also ensures a positive level of engagement and accountability between the Board, Research Leads, Administration and CanFASD as a whole.

Click here to download the CanFASD Strategic Plan.

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