• I love the one currently on the site the most!

  • I like the one currently on hte site!

  • I like the logo currently on the website… to me it depicts confidence, growth, and freedom.

  • I like the new logo! Green is a healing color and logo is indicative of growth!

    • edmontonfetalalcoholnetwork

      Tracey, we have two new ones both green. Are you voting for the one currently on the site? Thank you for your vote!

  • I like the new logo currently on the site! To me it depicts nurturing, healing and growth 🙂

  • The new logo is my favorite. It represents personal support, new ideas and opportunities for growth.

    Gloria PolowyFASD Respite Program CoordinatorFOP Program CoordinatorElves Special Needs SocietyPhone: 780.454.5310 Fax: 780.454.5889This communication is intended for the use of the recipient to which it is addressed, and may contain confidential, and personal information. Please contact Elves immediately if you are not the intended recipient of this communication, and do not copy, distribute, or take action relying on it. Any communication received in error, or subsequent reply, should be deleted or destroyed.If you wish to unsubscribe from Elves Special Needs Society’s mailing list please e-mail policy@elves-society.com


  • I like the one on the site best. Trees are kind of overdone 🙂

  • I still like the old Logo.

  • I like the one currently on the site!

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