If Someone You Know Has FASD

There are lots of challenges to having a friend or family member with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).Someone I know

If you are finding the experience difficult, you are not alone.Feeling upset or angry is normal, and it doesn’t mean you don’t care. It just means that the effects of FASD can be stressful to deal with.Here are some tips for managing the challenges that come with having a friend or family member with FASD:

Learn about FASD

It can be tricky to understand why someone with FASD acts the way they do, especially when the actions are damaging or aggressive. By learning about the physical and mental effects of FASD, you’ll have an easier time understanding why your friend or family member has more trouble controlling their actions than others.

Respond respectfully

You may want to react with anger when your friend or family member does something upsetting, but responding with patience and respect is often more productive. Angry or upset responses can make people with FASD feel more hurt and alone, and react with more aggression.

Be an advocate

Many people don’t understand how FASD can affect someone’s behaviour, and as a result, lots of kids and teens with FASD are targets for bullying and harassment. Communicate what you know about FASD to others. Challenge myths and misunderstandings when you hear them.


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