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cropped-letstalk1-121.jpgWe need your help in spreading the word about the FASD Prevention Conversation!

The The Prevention Conversation: A Shared Responsibility’ focuses on engaging communities in conversations about drinking during pregnancy or drinking before women even know they are pregnant.  The project is based on the first and second levels of the Four-Part Model of Prevention (PHAC, 2008).

It is important for women and their partners to have access to information and services related to prenatal alcohol use. The communication strategy and messaging component of the project will focus on raising public awareness of the negative effects of binge drinking during the early stages of pregnancy.  As outlined in the Four-Part Model of Prevention, this first level will utilize community development strategies to raise awareness among the target populations, highlight support mechanisms and promote involvement by community members and primary care providers (PHAC, 2008).

So how can you help?

The FASD Prevention Conversation has a blog that we are wanting to promote in all communities. Just subscribe with your email address and get instantly updated on new posts! Visit:

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Join the conversation and help us start and engage in conversation about alcohol and pregnancy with all communities!

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