CanFASD: Strengths Among Individuals with FASD



The vast majority of FASD research is focused on the challenges and impairments associated with the disability, as well as the burden of FASD on families and the broader community. This type of research can help to validate the experiences of individuals with FASD and their families, and to inform where services and supports might be needed the most.

However, the simultaneous lack of strengths-based studies can perpetuate a sense of shame, suffering, and victimization, and contribute to the stigma already associated with FASD. By neglecting to explore the successes of individuals with FASD, we fail to recognize their immense potential and celebrate the unique contributions that each individual has to offer. The goal of the current issue paper was to review the existing strengths-based FASD literature and highlight the need for more studies to fill this critical gap.

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