Neurosequential Network: Stress & Resilience COVID 2020 with Dr. Perry

Stress & Resilience

This video discusses stress, distress and how the pattern of stress can determine whether stress is destructive (sensitizing) or positive (resilience building) within a focus on the current COVID-19 pandemic.


This video discusses the shift in functional capability of the human brain with a shift in internal ‘state.’ This principle is relevant for anyone interested in human behavior including parents, educators, and clinicians.

Emotional Contagion

This video discusses ’emotional contagion’ and talks about the power of calm. The concepts of power differential is discussed in context of human interactions and discusses the importance of calm, regulated leadership in times of stress and distress.


This is a brief video (20 min) describing the sequential processing of experience in the brain. The Regulate-Relate-Reason heuristic is explained. This simple but powerful concept can help minimize miscommunication and behavioral challenges (especially with dysregulated adults and children).

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