CASA Presents: “Your Mental Health Webinars” | Session 3: System Erosion and Advocacy

CASA is pleased to once again bring you our series of webinars, created to assist families and community members in dealing with the many mental health concerns coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental health resources in our community are shrinking, in a time when we need them most. As community members, how do we best advocate for the resources we need, in a system that is eroding?

In this session, we speak with Dr. Gail Andrew, along with members of the CASA Family Advisory Council Candace Fehr, Meg Smale, and Shauna Sebry, and CASA Youth Council member Sheher-Bano Ahmed.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Loved the webinar. I support 7 youths with developmental disabilities with a stack of co- morbid conditions. I too deal with my fair share of negotiating to get supports on and off. I wish we could look at prevention as oppose to dealing with “crisis” as it would be much easier on everyone (system included). I wish, I had time to advocate for my family but it is so intense and sometimes I do not have any juice left to do it. To the 2 moms, keep going you are also fighting for the rest of us but also as Dr Andrew said :the more voices, the more power. I can sign a petition but only wish I could do more. I know what it is like to feel isolated. Bravo

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