CanFASD Webinar Registration: Understanding the FASD Diagnosis

CanFASD’s newest webinar, Understanding the FASD Diagnosiswill be held Friday February 28, 2022 at 1:00pm EST. 

Researchers have shown that early diagnosis can improve outcomes for people with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Early diagnosis can lead to earlier support and interventions, which can reduce the risk of health challenges and common secondary outcomes in the future. Early diagnosis can also help reduce stigma, improve understanding and self-awareness, and potentially identify substance use challenges in parents.

But what does FASD diagnosis look like? You usually can’t tell if someone has FASD just from looking at them, the visible facial differences show up in less than 10% of cases. There are also no specific medical tests, like a blood test, that can tell us if someone has FASD. FASD diagnosis involves a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that assess various aspects of an individual to come to a diagnosis.

This webinar will provide an overview of the FASD diagnostic guidelines and the process of clinic. It will assist families, service providers and policy makers to better understand the elements that make up an FASD diagnosis and what you can expect during the process. It will feature presentations from two key individuals in the diagnostic process: Dr. Hasmukhlal (Hasu) Rajani and Colleen Burns.

Colleen Burns has been the Clinic Training Services Coordinator for the Rajani Assessment and Diagnostic Clinic Training Services since 2011.  She facilitates training and community practice events and develops resources for FASD clinic teams. Dr. Rajani is the Team Physician for the Lakeland Centre for FASD diagnostic clinic, as well as for the North West Central FASD Network, North East Alberta FASD Network Assessment and Diagnostic Clinics, and the Alexander First Nation Assessment Clinic. He provides clinic training and mentors and educates Government and other agencies and FASD assessment and diagnostic clinics to strengthen their ability to provide consistent diagnostic and supportive services.

Register now to attend.

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