NOFASD Australia: Support Success For Adult With FASD

About this resource:

This booklet offers an introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and suggested accommodations to assist in supporting individuals living with FASD. It is intended as a starting guide for all service providers, community members and others who care about and work with adults with FASD.

FASD presents very differently depending on the person, their circumstance, and the day. Each individual has specific needs but will have difficulties receiving, processing, and responding to information and stimuli. Successful support recognises these individual differences and adapts in response.

The ideas offered are based on the assumption that each person with FASD is an individual with a unique set of skills and barriers, history, and situation; and that interventions and supports must reflect this. The ideas are therefore not prescriptive, but rather, ways to think about offering support.

We encourage you to use this resource as a starting point in your understanding of individuals with FASD, and as a tool as you develop your own knowledge and ways to support success. At the back, there is a list of further resources and websites that may also be helpful along that journey.

NOFASD Australia

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