28 Daily Love “Notes” – For Kids – A Valentine’s Month Activity!

Valentine’s Special Notes

This “game” is a full month-long activity to do with your kiddos easily at home! Takes 5 minutes to prepare, and 28 days of love just for your child!  Not to mention, it is interactive and builds your child’s love of themself and those around them!

Using small square pieces of paper, write 28 special sayings, actions to do, or special notes that you make up (or you can use the list I have provided below). Put all of the “notes” in an envelope; like shown in the picture above.  Hang the envelope with “notes” on the fridge, so your child can easily reach and do every day.

Every day in the month of February, have your toddler or preschooler pull one note out of the envelope, you read it to them, and they have to do it (help as needed).

No parent can ever get enough love, hugs, and kisses from their kids right? Well, you will love getting all of that with this kid-friendly loving game, and the kiddos will love finding out what they have to do next, every morning or night.  At any age, you can make up and write ideas or special sayings that will allow your child to be able to successfully complete it.

List of ideas to write for this game:

1. Give mommy a kiss.

2. Give daddy a kiss.

3. Give your brother or sister a kiss.

4. Give the cat (dog) a hug.

5. Go kiss yourself in the mirror.

6. Give yourself a big hug.

7. Practice drawing (tracing) hearts on a sheet of paper.

8. Watch mommy and daddy hug each other!

9. Using pink and white paper, cut out hearts and glue them to a sheet of paper, making a heart collage.

10. Smile pretty!

11. Say “Happy Valentine’s Day” really loud!

12. Tell someone “I love you!”

13. Draw a heart.

14. Color a heart red and pink.

15. Sing the song “I love you, you love me” by Barney.

16. Give mommy and daddy both a hug.

17. Give someone a high-five.

18. Blow mommy a kiss.

19. Hug your favorite stuffed animal.

20. Kiss your brain.

21. Eat a piece of chocolate and share a piece with a parent, sibling, or friend.

22. Read a Valentine’s story with mommy or daddy.

23. Draw or paint a picture for your parents.

24. Call your grandma/grandpa and say “I love you.”

25. Paint your hands, print on a card, and make a hand-print Valentine’s Day card for your parents, grandparents, or friend.

26. Have a big family group hug!

27. Give everyone in your family a kiss!

28. Put stickers on the word “LOVE” written on a sheet of white paper!


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