Are you hosting a party?


With Christmas festivities being planned and party supplies being purchased, keep in mind that there are some safe party tips that can help you to throw an entertaining and safe party. If you are going to serve alcohol these tips will help you to keep your guests safe without taking away from anyone’s good time!

  • Confirm with guests as they RSVP that they have a plan for a safe way home at the end of the evening.
  • Plan activities (party games and door prizes). Find something else for guests to focus on so alcohol is not the only reason for people to socialize and avoid drinking games!
  • Do not push drinks! Drinking should not be mandatory to have a good time!
  • Provide plenty of food! You do not want people drinking on an empty stomach.
  • Avoid salty snacks that tend to make people drink more.
  • Offer fun non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails. These should be available to everyone but especially to guests who are pregnant and/or planning a pregnancy!
  • If a guest has had too much to drink, never let them drive home.
  • Have taxi phone numbers available or offer guests a space to stay over.
  • As a host, stay within your limits in order to ensure your guests stay within theirs!

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